Spurs won our first ever FA Cup final in 1901 whilst still a non-league club - the only non-league club to win the Cup since the league began. Contemporary reports of the historic win over Sheffield United are few and far between ... until now!

Now you can own a copy of this rare, almost forgotten 100+ year old collectible booklet covering the teams that won the English FA Cup in its first 30 years and available again after many years.

First published in 1902 in the auspicious Strand magazine, The Teams that Won the World's Greatest Football Competition 1871 - 1901 is a classic reprint of one of the earliest historical reference materials of the early years of the FA Cup and gives Spurs historians and supporters the opportunity to own a really important historical account of the world's greatest football competition and the first time we lifted the trophy.

This classic reprint is available for just 12.97.
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